Digital artist and designer


Digital artist and designer

About Me

Nerdy blue catgirl with too many passions and a knack for starting new projects

  • She/Her

  • I draw, 3D model, gamedev, and make music!

  • Queer in many ways

  • Nocturnal (moon cat)

  • Everything I own is blue

  • Powered by caffeine and Garuda Linux

I love making friends, so feel free to DM me on fedi or Discord if you'd like to chat and get to know one another!


Digital artist and designer




1 Commission in Queue

Base prices below are in USD, agreed price will vary based on complexity, background, number of characters, etc.Payment via PayPal, 50% upfront

Head or Bust


Half Body


Thighs up to Full Body



  • NSFW


  • Fetish

  • Gore

Contact me to discuss the details!


Digital artist and designer

Art Gallery


Digital artist and designer

My Games

These are made in the Godot game engine!

Take care of and adopt stray kitties.
Buy toys and decorations for your house and yard!

Graphics, sounds, music, and programming by me!

Playable with just mouse/touch, works on mobile!
Saves and loads progress automatically

Forage, care for critters, farm, fish, and survive in a miniature ecosystem that you share with the creatures around you.

Graphics and programming by me! Music by syncopika

Notes: Game does NOT save!
Unplayable on mobile

Right MousePick up/drop items
Left MouseEquip tools/use items
ControlShow aiming cursor

Active Development

Untitled Witch Game

Will be a roguelite action deck-builder with creature collecting.
Build a powerful deck of spell cards to calm restless nature spirits!

Explore procedurally generated floating islands and map out hotspots of spirit unrest to plan your approach.

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Digital artist and designer

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